SWS Forestry Services are ideally placed to identify suitable investment land for our clients. We have Foresters located throughout the country who have a wide network of personal contacts including auctioneers and agents.

SWS Forestry Services will procure suitable land following these criteria:

  • Size: Any size blocks are considered
  • Access: Lands should adjoin a road or have a good right of way on to the public road
  • Yield Class: This is defined as the potential growth rate or yield of a forest, expressed as cubic meter per hectare per year (m3/ha/yr). SWS Forestry prefer the higher YC i.e. 22-24 m3/ha/yr
  • Elevation/Exposure: Prefer low-lying land with low or moderate exposure but all locations will be considered
  • Land Types: Both enclosed and unenclosed

Enclosed land is defined as land, which was enclosed and improved for agriculture use by cultivation, drainage and/ or manuring enclosed by man made boundaries.

Unenclosed land is defined as land that has not been farmed or improved and enclosed by man made boundaries.

Once the land has been identified one of our professional foresters can advise on:

  • Species Selection: Having assessed the land, selection of species is critical. Broadleaves are normally confined to the low rich lying mineral lands mainly with grass vegetation. Conifers are normally planted on a wide range of site types from grass, grass/rush, cutaway bogs, mountains.
  • Annual Premium: Once species have been selected to suit land procured an estimate of total premium per year can be calculated. Having assessed all of the above a price evaluation can be put on the property.

The general price range for land considered suitable for planting ranges from €12,000 to €15,000 per hectare (€4,800 to €6,000 per acre).

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