Ecological Services

SWS Forestry has an in-house team of ecologists who are qualified and experienced to carry out environmental assessments on potential afforestation sites and mature plantations.

Appropriate Assessment (AA) For Forestry Projects
AA is a focused and detailed impact assessment of the implications of the plan or project, alone and in combination with other plans and projects, on the integrity of a Natura 2000 site in view of its conservation objectives. It is a requirement of the The Habitats Directive Article 6(3)
The first stage of the process consists of AA screening to determine if the project could have significant effects on a Natura 2000 site. If a project is screened in, then full Appropriate Assessment is carried out and data and information on the project and on the site and an analysis of potential effects on the site must be obtained and presented in a Natura Impact Statement (NIS).

Natura Impact Statements (NIS)
A NIS is a scientific report examining the potential impacts of a plan or project on a relevant Natura 2000 site. It identifies and characterises any possible implications for the site in view of the site’s conservation objectives, to enable a consent authority to carry out an appropriate assessment.

Habitat Surveys & Mapping
Our ecologists are experienced in carrying out habitat surveys to Fossit level 3. We use QGIS to create detailed habitat maps and we can share these via shapefiles or PDF.

Environmental Monitoring (forestry operation on windfarms, replacement lands etc.)
Our ecologists often carry out environmental monitoring on forestry operations within windfarms or for replacement lands. If you have a project which requires environmental monitoring to comply with mitigation measures in a NIS or as part of planning obligations please contact us on 023 88 29144 or

Any project that has the potential to negatively impact a Natura 2000 site requires an environmental assessment or AA. Other projects not in proximity to a designated site may require an assessment based on the size, scope and specific activities for the project.
The cost of a NIS will depend on the size and complexity of the site.  A full NIS will cost in the region of €1,400 (incl Vat).  Please contact our office on 023 8829144 or your local forester to get a site-specific quote.

Contact SWS Forestry on 1800 928 900 or and we can discuss your requirements with you in more detail to determine what environmental requirements your site may need.

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