Forest Inventory

SWS Forestry has a team of foresters who are experienced in carrying out forest inventory on semi mature plantations.

  • Line plots 25 x 4m (.1/ha) can be carried out on inspection paths in forestry pre thinning.
  • Rectangle plots (.1/ha) can be taken between extraction racks on thinned forestry.
  • Inventory can be carried out pre and post harvesting to ensure the correct volume and trees are removed in the thinning operation.
  • We offer inventory services for valuations – this can be useful for insurance or sales value estimates

The inventory we carry out gives results on the following, on an average basis per plot

  • Tree heights
  • Volume estimates, per hectare & individual tree basis m³
  • Diameter at Breast Height (DBH)
  • Stocking
  • Basal area m
  • Yield Class (YC)
  • Windfarm sites: Many windfarm sites have forestry associated with them and forest inventory can provide specific data which can be used to model the effects of the trees on wind energy output.
  • Harvesting: Forest inventory can provide an estimate of the timber volumes prior to harvesting. This gives clients foresight into the revenue their plantation is likely to generate.
  • Forestry Sales: Forest Inventory can provide a better understanding of the value of a site and the volume and quality of the timber.
  • Masser electronic callipers.
  • Haglof clinometer.
  • DBH Tapes.
  • 30m tapes.
  • Marking paint/tape.
  • GPS
  • Drone imagery: is used to aid in forest stratification, this enables us to pre plan the forest inventory and break the forestry down into compartments based on age, species & quality. Doing this allows for a more accurate inventory result in each compartment.

The cost of inventory will depend on the size and complexity of the site. Please contact our office on 023 8829144 or your local forester to get a site-specific quote.

Contact SWS Forestry on 1800 928 900 or and we can discuss your requirements with you in more detail to determine what forest inventory your site may benefit from.

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