SWS Forestry Services are now accepting tenders from contractors for works to be completed at various locations around Ireland commencing in 2020.  If you wish to submit a tender please complete the below Tenders Template form and email your submission along with any further relevant information to info@swsforestry.ie

Please refer to the Health & Safety section of our website for our Safety Statement and Risk Assessment.  The Contractor Acknowledgement of SWS Forestry Ltd. Safety Statement must be signed and dated and submitted along with your tender.

Tender Template

Bank Account Details

Copies of the following documents need to be submitted to us if you are a contractor tendering for work.

  1. Your current Safety Statement (reviewed within the last 12 months)
  2. Your current Tax Access no.
  3. Your current Tender price list (template above)
  4. Signed Contractor Acknowledgement form (available in About Us, Health & Safety)
  5. Your current insurance cover
  6. Your Bank Account Details