Woodland Improvement Scheme

The Woodland Improvement Scheme provides financial support to forest owners to help meet the cost of thinning broadleaf forests. This scheme provides two thinning interventions for all broadleaf and broadleaf mixed forests regardless of whether or not they are grant aided. The scheme also supports the continuous cover forestry approach to forest management.  Thinning improves the crop and enhances biodiversity.


  • All grant-aided broadleaf forests including broadleaved mixtures
  • Non grant-aided reforestation sites where broadleaves have been planted including natural regeneration
  • All other young non grant-aided broadleaves established without grant aid and broadleaved mixtures where first and second thinning interventions take place at the recommended top height

Source: https://www.gov.ie/en/service/d54212-woodland-improvement-scheme/

Woodlands can be improved using a number of techniques:

  • improvement felling of malformed trees
  • felling of additional trees to release potential crop trees
  • thinning or re-spacing to promote growth
  • management and re-spacing of natural regeneration
  • clearing buffer areas around sites and monuments which may have become overgrown
  • improving access for manual fertilisation (cost based grant)
  • transition to continuous cover forestry

A registered forester is required to complete the application form.  SWS Forestry have registered foresters located nationwide who can assess the site and advise on its suitability for WIS.  We will complete all paperwork and maps associated with the application.

We also have two in-house ecologists who can assist with the application and produce a pre-screening report or Natura Impact Statement if required.

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