Forest Roads

Easy access to any forestry plantation is essential for the management and future harvesting of the crop. Good forest road design and construction improves the efficiency of timber harvesting and haulage. Forest roads also benefit recreation access, forest fire prevention and improve biodiversity.

The Forest Road Scheme provides grants to help cover the cost of building forest roads primarily for harvesting but also for other management activities such as fire protection and recreation.

Before constructing a forest road a number of factors should be considered including:

  • Crop age and condition
  • Plantation shape
  • Existing access tracks and ridelines
  • Ground conditions
  • Peat depth
  • Topography
  • Gradient of the proposed road
  • Bearing capacity of the sub-material
  • Number and size of culvert crossings required
  • Hazards and environmental constraints
  • Availability of suitable road building material
  • Estimated total cost

All private forest owners can apply for a road grant.

Grants of up to 100% of eligible costs incurred in the construction of a forest road are available and are paid in one instalment.
The length of road that can be built depends on the eligible area. This area is based on the area to be thinned and the thinning schedule of the forest being served by the road. Where 50% or greater of the area is due for harvesting in the next three years the entire area is deemed eligible. Otherwise only the area that is going to be thinned can be counted as the eligible area.

Grants are available as follows:


Our foresters will determine the best route for the road and create a road plan and map. The application will be submitted to the Forest Service and followed through the process. Once approval has been obtained, we will construct the forest road in your plantation using one of our competent, experienced contractors. Due to the scale of activity we carry out, we can secure more competitive prices from contractors than an individual would. SWS Forestry has extensive experience in forest road construction.
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