GIS Mapping

SWS Forestry use QGIS mapping software to create specific shapefiles depending on client needs. This spatial database allows for easy sharing of shapefiles to clients for use in their own GIS systems.  Out team are experienced in using GIS software to accurately map areas for a range of different projects.

Forestry Applications

Our foresters use the Forest Service web-based mapping system IFORIS to create afforestation, felling and road applications. This system has various layers including archaeology, designated areas, acid sensitivity, landscape sensitivity, EPA watercourses and existing forestry.

Habitat Surveys & Mapping

Our ecologists are experienced in carrying out habitat surveys to Fossit level 3. We use QGIS to create detailed habitat maps and we can share these with clients via shapefiles or PDF.

Plantation Inventory

Our foresters take accurate measurements of plantations to ascertain timber volume estimates. This inventory data can be added to our GIS mapping to create stratified maps based on crop age, height, yield class etc.


Windfarm owners often need to assess the impact of trees on wind capacity in and around their turbines. SWS forestry can take inventory such as tree heights and tree density and create GIS maps stratified by crop age & height within a particular radius of each turbine. We can also assist with felling applications and replanting obligations should the trees within a certain distance of turbines need to be felled.

Contact SWS Forestry on 1800 928 90 or and we can discuss your requirements with you in more detail to determine what GIS requirements your site may need.

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