Carbon schemes & partners involved

A. Irish Woodland Carbon Code

SWS are working with a number of like minded partners to create an Irish equivalent of the UK Woodland Code in Ireland. This Code will aid in the increase in the Native Woodland afforestation rates in Ireland, whereby supporting entities will be able to assist in facilitating the planting of Native Woodland Establishments and while being able to benefit from the voluntary carbon credit created in offsetting their own carbon footprint.

B. Woodland Environmental Fund

The objective of the Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF) is to facilitate the planting of more native woodlands, in turn increasing carbon sequestration and offsetting, within Ireland by providing an access point for businesses to part fund the establishment of these forests.


C. UK Woodland Carbon Code

The Woodland Carbon Code is a voluntary standard for woodland creation projects in the UK.  Carbon sequestration resulting from certified projects will contribute directly to the UK’s national targets for reducing CO2 emissions of greenhouse gases.


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