Benefits of forests

Over the past decades, forests are responsible for sequestering around 30% of annual global CO2 emissions arising from human activity. This is similar to the amount of carbon absorbed by the oceans. Considering that two thirds of all forests on the planet are managed to some degree, there is an opportunity to use forest management to influence carbon cycles and enhance carbon capture.

Forests offer climate change mitigation potential through conservation, restoration and sustainable management. If done correctly, timber products can also help to mitigate CO2 emissions by replacing traditional fossil fuel based products like cement and coal from the building and energy sectors, respectively. This is one part of the multifaceted approach that developed nations should be undertaking to achieve carbon neutrality.

Protecting primary forests and allowing natural regeneration are some of the more effective and efficient ways of increasing forest’s climate change mitigation potential. However, because in Ireland our native forest cover is so low (less than 2% land area), we must rely on the planting of trees for carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation. These forest plantations made up of native Irish trees, if sustainably managed, will form a permanent store of carbon, enhance biodiversity and provide amenity and cultural value for local communities for generations to come.

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