Area Based Compensatory Allowance

Disadvantage area is not payable on land that is planted, however you will gain on your net income by planting your land as the forestry premiums are higher.  As disadvantage area is payable up to a maximum of 34 Hectares, you might consider planting your surplus land

Disadvantage area payment rates:

  • 96/ha in severely disadvantaged areas
  • 82/ha in less severely disadvantaged areas
  • 109.71/ha on first 10 ha in mountain type grazing areas, with 96/ha on the remainder
  • This payment should be taken into account when preparing the overall farm plan.

Single Farm Payment

  • Landowners can plant forestry and retain their entitlements.  This is provided that the land being planted was declared on a single farm payment application in 2008
  • Planted land must be declared on the Single Farm Payment application form each year
  • Applicant needs to retain 3 Ha or 10% of their total farm which ever is greater
  • SWS Forestry Services will provide a map of the area planted to complete the Single Farm Payment application

Agri Environmental Options Scheme

  • Payments under this scheme are no longer entirely area based but based on payment for environmental options undertaken on a farm level
  • Landowners can structure forestry planting with this scheme and maximize total direct payments from both the AEOS and Forestry
  • Carefully planned forestry planting will also provide stock proof boundaries and a future fuel supply