Emissions of greenhouse gasses is causing climate change.  Deforestation (loss of forest cover) is one of the major contributors to climate change and currently accounts for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

However the forestry sector provides a range of opportunities to mitigate rises in greenhouse gas emissions including

  • Afforestation and reforestation
  • Forest Management
  • Increased use of sustainable wood products
  • Increased use of forest products for bioenergy to replace fossil fuels


In an Irish context this results in:

  • Total carbon store in Irish forests currently exceeds 1 billion tonnes – most of it in the soil.
  • Irish Forests absorb about 6% of total green house gas emissions annually equivalent to c. 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (net of harvesting).
  • Forests planted post 1990 will absorb around 2.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – Projected annual saving to the tax payer of €44 million or €220 million over a 5 year period.
  • Government policy foresees major growth in the use of wood for energy generation in the future – replacing fossil fuels

The Coillte Climate Change and Irish Forestry Conference

The Coillte Climate Change and Irish Forestry Conference held in Farmleigh House on Monday 29th February 2016, was opened by EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan.  The event brought together national and international forestry, environmental experts and industry stakeholders to address the risks and opportunities that climate change presents to the Irish forestry sector.

Below is a link to the presentations given during the conference https://coillte.sharefile.com/d-s6709ed1b6d34f799