As with any agricultural crop, forests need ongoing management in order to achieve maximum financial return. SWS Forestry offers a long-term management contract for clients that wish to have their forests inspected regularly. For an annual fee the client has ease of mind knowing their investment is being managed to the highest of standards. In addition, we also offer specific management operations such as high pruning,  broadleaves shaping, fertilisation, road construction, GIS mapping and other services.

SWS Forestry Services offer a range of Post 4 Year Management services depending on the needs of our clients:

Long-term Management Contract

In return for the payment of a nominal fee, the plantation of a client is inspected annually by a qualified forester. A written report is prepared outlining the general condition of the plantation and any recommended works necessary. This ensures that the forest is managed as a larger unit with other forests in the areas thus creating economies of scale. This can reduce management costs over the lifecycle of the plantation while also increasing the quality and marketability of the plantation in future years.

Operation Specific Contract

A client hires one of our qualified foresters to oversee specific management operations such as:


Is the gradual removal of a percentage of trees within a plantation. The main objective is to focus future crop growth on better quality stems – maximising return from the timber. For further information on thinning services offered by SWS Forestry Services please see Harvesting section.

High Pruning:

Is the removal of all branches from the bottom 6 metres of selected trees, resulting in the formation of clean knot free, high quality timber. Pruning is normally carried out after first thinning, when there is good access to the plantation.  High pruning significantly increases the value of the crop.

Broadleaves Shaping :

The objective of the scheme is to produce broadleaf plantations with single straight stems that will in turn produce high quality lengths of valuable hardwood timber. Formative shaping is required when young trees have multiple leaders of disproportionately large side shoots. This occurs mainly as a result of frost or wind damage.

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