SWS Forestry will submit an application to the Forest Service in order to obtain grant aid to construct a road. Once approval has been obtained SWS Forestry will construct the forest road in your plantation. SWS Forestry has extensive experience in forest road construction

Forest Roads

Easy access to any forestry plantation is essential for the management and future harvesting of the crop. Good forest road design and construction improves the efficiency of timber harvesting and haulage.  Forest roads also benefit recreation access, forest fire prevention and improve biodiversity.

Before constructing a forest road a number of factors should be considered including:

  • Crop age and condition
  • Plantation shape
  • Existing access tracks and ridelines
  • Ground conditions
  • Peat depth
  • Topography
  • Gradient of the proposed road
  • Bearing capacity of the sub-material
  • Number and size of culvert crossings required
  • Hazards and environmental constraints
  • Availability of suitable road building material
  • Estimated total cost

Grant aid towards the cost of forest road construction is available from the Forest Service for plantations subject to the following conditions:

  • The plantation must be within 3 years of harvesting or within 5 years if being built as part of a co operative road building application
  • Grant aid is allowable up to a maximum of 25metres per hectare
  • Forest roads meeting approved specification receive a road grant rate of €40 per metre
  • 100% of the road grant is payable on completion of road works
  • In order to be eligible for a road grant, 50% or greater of the forest must be thinned within three years of receiving the 1st instalment grant.  Otherwise only the area within that timeframe is eligible.