The Native Woodland Scheme provides support to landowners to protect and enhance existing native woodlands and to establish new native woodlands, using “close-to-nature” silviculture. The scheme also supports the sensitive development of native woodlands along streams, rivers and lakes to promote habitat quality for fish and other forms of aquatic and riparian life. The scheme is designed to accommodate a diverse range of projects, with safeguards to ensure that this unique opportunity to invest in Ireland’s native woodlands is fully realised.

Native Woodland Establishment is aimed at encouraging the establishment of new native woodland, particularly in areas bordering existing native woodland and on riparian sites, ideally following the natural floodplain. An emphasis is placed on promoting ecological connectivity and woodland corridors at a landscape level.

Grant/Premium (GPC) NWS Premium (Annual payments) Years 1-15 Per Hectare
Site<10ha Site >10ha
GPC 9 & 10 Native Woodland Establishment €665 €680

Contact Info:
1800 928 900